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Advanced English Grammar ESL Lesson - Conditionals

Advanced English Grammar ESL Lesson - Conditionals

Chalk n Talk, available to download from http:businessenglishpod.com, is a series of ESL video lessons exploring advanced English grammar topics. In this…

24 Responses to “Advanced English Grammar ESL Lesson – Conditionals”

  1. Gunel Semedova says:

    i have been learning it s correct :)

  2. whereismywater says:

    Awesome explantion Brian,
    Love your examples too. 

  3. jayantha dharmasiri says:

    I have been learn english for sevaral years. still i could’nt catch but your lesson is very good

  4. Jenny Wasem says:

    it helped a lot!

  5. hopefultoo says:

    Well explained. However, in the mistake presented the probably reason for the use of ‘would’ is that it is a (mis)translation from German. British speakers of English do not make this mistake (or at least didn’t until they started watching American movies).

  6. vanessa southernCA says:

    i hate grammar!

  7. shaima29sa says:

    Great !

  8. Nizami Eminov says:

    Thank you, sir. You really help me to improve my English.

  9. Renato Moutinho says:

    Very good teacher! Thanks.

  10. Liduniya says:

    excellent! thanks!

  11. Milan Říha says:

    Nice lecture.

  12. princesscake1124 says:

    Was that a bad influince

  13. princesscake1124 says:


  14. Arkanetrickster says:

    If I were you I would not spend my time in a lost cause XD

  15. anagrama74 says:

    Emilio: IF I WERE YOU I would ask to Cambridge ESOL return my money because you still have a poor management of the language. I have never been in USA you don´t have to travel to speak the language, just practice practice and yet… practice. Mariposa: tu español es horrible espero tu inglés sea perfecto> ablas? hiso?, en español si el pronombre esta al principio es mayúscula, si no es minúscula .. te lo digo Yo?? ¡barbara! Si ya sabes inglés ahora intenta estudiar español

  16. NakedBYdesign says:

    Que quiere decir? "ezzo k eee xikilo" ???  terrible!!

  17. TheGeneralShadow says:

    Came 4 CS.
    Got School.

  18. nicojeff says:

    mejor tu error ….hiso??? ezzo k eee xikillo

  19. koreanchemist says:

    thanks for help..

  20. Mariposa Farfan says:

    nOOOOO Of course no! "He met his wife YEARS ago and she became his wife in the future"

  21. Mariposa Farfan says:

    Tienes muchos errores si no vives en USA aprender el ingles es muy dificl algunas personas creen que lo saben Y cuando vienen para aca se dan de topes! cuando ablas de ti (Yo) siempre es con mayuscula. siempre siempre siempre! creo que alguien ya te explico tus errores pero en caso que no le hayas entendido pues lo hiso en ingles , te lo digo Yo. sigue estudiando BASTANTE

  22. Emmanuel Valdés Cetina says:

    Keep studying! You still have some basic mistakes… When you do a FCE, and sure you will, those mistakes won’t be overlooked!!

    I don’t know–>instead of "i not know"
    Now for time expression–>instead of "know" (different pronounciation and meaning)
    I’m–>im (use apostrophe, and ALWAYS use upper case with "I")
    Advanced–>instead of "advance" (the first is a participle used as an adjective; on the latter, the sentence is incorrect because you’re using a verb)

  23. Abo Rawan says:

    Thanks Brain that’s great lesson

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