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English Speaking - Basic English Training Module Chapter 01

English Speaking - Basic English Training Module Chapter 01

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  1. drveeramuthu82vm says:


  2. chidambaram .m says:


  3. vocabularyhelp says:

    looks interesting. very big help. thanks learnexmumbai :)

  4. Pradeesh Thilak.B.S says:

    good I listen chapter 01; that was nice.

  5. Mark Dozier says:


  6. JAHAR LAL DAS says:


  7. Waseem Saleem says:

    i have no confidence to talk with strangers so please give me instructions of confidence regarding english language!!!!!!!!!!!!thnkx

  8. Uexiong Xaikao says:

    i like this. thank so much

  9. Naseer Ahmad says:

    Hi Ma’am Tata.
    my name is Naseer Ahmad i want lo learn English language can you give me some time from your busy life?

  10. PhoChit chit says:

    i like this . thak you

  11. abdul rob says:


  12. Naomi wad says:

    Thank you.

  13. thepriteshmakwana says:

    Spoken english for beginner in india

  14. EnglischLernen says:

    Not bad.

  15. hipchickfitness says:

    Many people from all over the world are interested to learn how to speak basic English but not all have the money to pay for a formal lesson in a school so online tutorials like this are very helpful..

  16. Chinna kalidindi says:


  17. danymed08 says:

    A very simple lesson but useful in everyday speech!

  18. english community english for public speaking says:

    hello, I am Tata. I like to speak english very much so I need many friends to talk with me. so if you want to practice your english you can concatct me, in english daily conversation more information you can visit to english fun club 89@yahoo.com 085697203509

  19. Gajula Balakrishna says:

    this is good for learners


    it is a good place for higher education…:)

  21. Kha Tran says:

    how to stydy india ???

  22. Hanna Kelawala says:


  23. asokkumar ls says:

    well & usefull…

  24. vikash sharma says:

    Very nice..

  25. LoganNZL says:

    This is very well learnt.

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