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How To Speak English Properly?

How To Speak English Properly?

If you liked this video, click here to subscribe: http:bit.lyV79HIR In this video, I cover some of the strange phonemes that Americans use in speech – tha…

25 Responses to “How To Speak English Properly?”

  1. OneDirectionLover510 says:


  2. daniakawa says:

    You are the most crazy guy, I have ever seen ! :)
    but your way of teaching is really full of enthusiasm, I really liked it, thank you for this video.
    Way to go

  3. IsaTiphareth says:

    This was enlightening. I actually found this while searching for general speech aid. I speak fine, given my region (I escaped growing up and currently living in the south without an accent!). I’m just worried about that pesky southern drawl creeping in unbeknownst and I’m looking to speak more clearly. I tend to speak too fast and blur my words together.

  4. Rafael Mello says:

    Eu acho que vocês são um bando de chupa-rola, e o mais legal e que vocês não tão entendo porra nenhuma, hahahahahahaha!

  5. Amalia Sevatita says:

    i can’t catched on what he’s talking about . too fast .

  6. MRHIGHNINJA925 says:

    i owe u 20 bucks from saying ummmmm uhhhhhhhhh

  7. OldaurGold says:

    Uh, I don’t see what the point is. Everyone talks like this. Now in writing you can’t use these words but in speech it’s ok. I like filler words

  8. Matt3683683 says:

    don’t think you need the question mark in the title unless i am reading it wrong

  9. iluvmybabyjc says:

    I agree.. and I hate saying uhm so like… ahhh etc. What shool do u go

  10. Modeste Prodd says:

    Hey I’m from France ! please check out my channel and my new video . On this video i’m trying to speak english please comment, subscribe and help me with my pronunciation ! please ! thank you a lot !

  11. ketland2007 says:

    Actually, his name IS pronounced like N-o-a-m, not "nome". Because it is a Hebrew name, and as a Hebrew speaker, I can confidently say to you that you’re wrong. [Unless that is the "English version" of the name.]

  12. WhiiteBoYfaNN says:


  13. Cameron Wood says:

    This is eerrr a eerrr good video eerrr

  14. RecMors says:

    can somebody tell me what was his conclusion? he spoke too fast; i couldnt catch it

  15. ituobrien says:

    FYI: Noam Chomsky’s first name is pronounced like "nome."

    Also, in linguistics ‘phoneme’ means any unit of sound in a language, so ‘cat’ has three phonemes, /c/, /a/, and /t/, while ‘blame’ has four, /b/, /l/, /ay/ (not how linguists would write it), and /m/. According to wikipedia, linguists call the fillers you’re talking about … fillers.

    Finally, given that every language in the world has them, I think your quest may be in vain.

  16. mikewashere01 says:

    im a redneck nuff said

  17. XWh1spersX says:

    I really enjoyed this video. i never really put any thought into all these phonemes we commonly use, so i went out listened to what i was actually saying to people "MY GOD" im terrible at english. after speaking with these ers, ums so often it is actually rather hard to stop (yes i relise of all places to use correct grammar was here, but im not very good at it so yer =D)

  18. Uni Peace says:

    This like, um, like, um, like the bestest, uh.. Videooooooooo ever. So ummm, ya!

  19. Mark kooper says:

    "What is you guys’s" What are your guy’s

  20. John Smith says:

    1:05 rofl

  21. duke horler says:

    simple minds upload simple videos 

  22. duke horler says:

    just talk proper English haha

  23. Sophie Brown says:

    Simple minds have very simple views.

  24. SuperCoolFunnyVideos says:

    I did. I shut up after 4 minutes and 1 second. What do I do now?

    – Joshua

  25. duke horler says:

    please shut up mate

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