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Jamie Carragher Butchers the English Language (with subtitles)

Its hard to follow even with the subtitles.

23 Responses to “Jamie Carragher Butchers the English Language (with subtitles)”

  1. Jameslepable says:

    Understood every word he said.

  2. Drmenomingi says:

    I had to concentrate very hard in order to make out what he was saying. I think it’s the speed with which he speaks rather than the accent itself that make it hard to understand what he’s saying. Liverpool legend nonetheless, YNWA!

  3. csrac23 says:

    how was that hard to understand?

  4. Fcuk1118 says:

    Sounds like Swedish or Dutch lol

  5. josephineseng says:


  6. Zak Forster says:

    right, ok

  7. Phanrawee Sriprapha says:

    I think too hahahhahaha

  8. Bryan Vouriot says:

    Carragher > Busta Rhymes

  9. darksilentvoid says:

    said the idiot…

  10. darksilentvoid says:

    It’s all written down lol I understand everything.

  11. barryinglaterra says:

    0:33 "Therefore this is a protest sign the frog craft of 71 weeks you get what looks like a normal life for them quickly and effectively the means of bagels"

    (Automatic Dutch captions translated back to English using Google Translate)

  12. Ross Handforth says:

    the subtitle is harder to understand than jamie

  13. Oliver9402 says:

    I can understand him fairly well, I’m Irish

  14. it48066435 says:

    what is the accent @_@ it’s very difficult to listen. I understand only 10 % T_T

  15. Gibran Ibrahim says:


  16. HRHooChicken says:

    I love how the captions think he’s speaking dutch

  17. chilled99 says:

    Hes not English, hes Scouse

  18. Zak Forster says:

    if you don’t understand what he’s saying you’re an idiot…

  19. jay lays says:

    He speaks fast even for a Scouser – I think he was nervous, he doesn’t like attention.

  20. Stuart Barlow says:

    He just speaks quickly, hardly butchered the language. He could have said blood and innit after every 3rd word and really destroyed it

  21. Asher Priddy says:

    Thank ya Carra you’ll be missed! YNWA

  22. Stephen O'Loghlan says:

    Nothing much wrong with that, it was easy enough to understand, maybe a touch too fast for your average thick wooly back to comprehend but for the rest of us it was okay.

  23. SuffolkJo says:

    Gorgeous easy to understand accent from a gorgeous legend. YNWA Carra

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