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When Siti Nurhaliza tries to speak English..

When Siti Nurhaliza Tries To Speak English..

Errrrrkk, NO COMMENT..as Siti would say about her wedding..haha!!

22 Responses to “When Siti Nurhaliza tries to speak English..”

  1. dafien difiey says:

    betol3 ,artis korea pown langsong ade yg xtaw speaking .. tpi xde pown org nak pertikai kn ..artis kte je sume nk prtikaikn ksian ..

  2. Victor Vynston says:

    well.. she did try although she is weak in speaking English language…
    its not her fault if she can’t speak English language…
    perhaps she only can speak better Bahasa Malaysia.

  3. nadieyah5232 says:

    oh my inglish??

  4. hazim yusoff says:

    well if someone cant speak English very well doesn’t mean he/she is stupid as you.only stupid people describe other people stupid.english is a language,remember that,english is not a lesson.ITS A LANGUAGE,OKAY? :) have a nice day..

  5. Kim Impown says:

    hello tengoklah dia sekolah sampai tahap mana dulu nak boleh speaking terer . ni kira okay la kot dari artis Korea lagi bodoh english kot

  6. misdalessarchuleta says:

    You’ve met the wrong Malays then. By dissing other people won’t make you look any better, my dear.

  7. Kevin Hanson says:

    Malays are stupid people. They can’t speak English very well. I have never come across a Malay person in Manchester who speaks English well. Dumb, retarded Malays. Singaporean students studying in Manchester, by contrast, speak English fairly well (albeit with a strange accent.)

  8. Mohd Mahathir says:

    LOL product of failed malaysia education system

  9. zarul izzwan says:

    Nice try siti..

  10. LionVEVO Singing says:

    another umno crony… 

  11. komando hantu says:

    org putih lagi malu kalau org melayu langsung tak reti bahasa english. yang tau pon i love you wat hapa..

  12. LonelySeaMan13 says:


  13. izlifechiller says:


  14. abamlah abamlah says:

    it’s ok.there’s nothing to be proud of if you can talk correct English.They are the no 2 bastard of the world

  15. dave ananth says:

    even thgh she is malay thn she is not qualified for her DATO ship….how can she receive the award….doesnt suit at all a singer becoming DATO…

  16. tajrin faruqi says:

    love u siti

  17. meorazi wagiman says:

    i beri dia kebebasan..hihihihihi.

  18. Mohd Syafali Izwan says:

    She is malay,nothing is wrong here.

  19. Mud Rasul says:

    Fail Big Time!

  20. Mohamad1453 says:

    xkisah la, yg penting siti berani mencuba n tau kemampuan dia…

  21. msPlain83 says:

    owh come on at least she tried…go siti go 😀

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